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Welcome to the studio! Here at Studio Rezz, my goal is to maintain various integrities with existing buildings giving clients and contractors the easiest safest way to conclude any project with city interaction and governing jurisdiction. I work with clients to be their "vision in the final product" and help offer the best selection from multiple possible choices. As part of the design tool, I use perspectives to virtually simulate design solutions before any construction starts. Size and shapes, circulation, materials, textured surfaces, types and sizes of openings including lighting solutions can all be accurately represented. Product manufactures all see the design criteria as do the selected contractor.
I also offer computer generated visions and coordinates with building departments. All stages, including pre-design, planning, contract documents, and bidding processes will interact with designer, client, contractor and city jurisdictions. I also coordinate with Professional Services such as various engineering services ways to solve needs. I can also establish bid selection for General Contractors to perform the construction. Whether flipping houses, renovating, clearing red tags or making additions, my background will allow your deserved project the best in solutions.
Gager Residence, Orinda California

Design development started here, with a need for a new art studio.

Studio Rezz

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